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“ARCHITECTURE is just a pretext. What counts is LIFE, what counts is the HUMAN BEING.”

Oscar Niemeyer

The architectural office bnarchitects, founded by Bujar Nrecaj in 2017, is an emerging company specializing in challenging architectural projects. Bujar Nrecaj himself studied architecture at the ZHW in Winterthur and, after graduating in 2016, was already able to gain experience by working on the project for Novartis by Prizker Prize architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.


During his stay abroad in Prishtina, Bujar Nrecaj experienced many touching stories that influenced his perspective on architecture and life. Every project bnarchitects takes on is an opportunity to create a new story and enrich the life of the builder.


The Bujar Nrecaj team consists of talented architects who are dedicated and passionate about creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions for their clients. The architectural office specializes in a wide range of projects, including residential houses, public buildings and cultural centers.


Overall, bnarchitects is an architecture firm distinguished by its creativity, innovation and passion for architecture. Each project is a new opportunity to create a unique story and improve people's lives.

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